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How We Work

RIOLINGO Technical Communications is committed to delivering solutions in the field of translation, localization, and language consultancy to those businesses ready to enter the Brazilian market. We work with North American companies planning on establishing operations in the Brazilian market as well as with Brazilian organizations wishing to reach the North American consumer.

To achieve this RIOLINGO has as a strategy to establish long-term relationships with its customers, getting to know its customers' business goals and corporate culture so that the its needs can be best fulfilled in the Brazilian market. One of the main outcomes of such long-term partnerships is the creation/establishment of specific corporate terminology in the Portuguese language. Among other benefits this will result in the speedy delivery of products and services as well as a more efficient way of communicating with the end consumer in the new market.

Every project will start with a clear lifecycle outline, specifying key deadlines and the final deadline. Concise budgetary outlines will be established from the on start. The latest project management tools and techniques will be used to accomplish the final goal.

RIOLINGO has many years of combined technical and linguistic experience in localizing information technology products. We look forward to working with you and fulfilling your needs to the best of your expectations.


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